As we enter camping season, you are probably considering all the possibilities of trips to enjoy with your family this year. At 84 RV Rentals & Service, we offer motorhome rentals so that you can enjoy your dream camping vacation. Canada is one of the most breathtaking destinations to take in with your family, and experiencing the landscape in an RV is even more memorable. We’ll go over some things you need to know about crossing the border into Canada, as well as a few of the best campgrounds for you and your family to explore.

RV on the side of the road with mountains in the background
RV on the side of the road with mountains in the background

Is It Hard to Cross the Border into Canada?

The first thing you are likely wondering is how hard it might be to cross the border into Canada in your RV, and we’re here to tell you that with the right documentation, it’s actually quite easy. You will be required to provide a valid passport or an equivalent acceptable travel document or NEXUS card, as well as a valid green card or equivalent valid proof of status in the United States, if applicable, for each person traveling with you. Basically, you need to show proof of citizenship and identity. You should also ensure you have a driver’s license, a copy of the vehicle’s registration, and proof of insurance.

Traveling to Canada with Minors

Another thing to consider when traveling to Canada is the family dynamic of the children with you. If it applies, you should bring copies of any legal custody documents, such as custody rights, for your children. If the other parent or legal guardian of a child with shared custody is not traveling with you, come prepared with a consent letter. You must also provide a consent letter if you are not the parent or legal guardian of any children traveling with you.

Some of the Best RV Campgrounds in Canada

Canada has a stunning panorama, and it continues to be a beloved camping destination for tourists. There are many beautiful campgrounds, and a lot of them are located in Ontario where you can arrive after a day of driving. You can stay at the popular Niagara Falls KOA Campground, venture to Kenorus Campground & RV Resort, or visit Kawartha Trails Resort in Peterborough, Ontario. Other popular choices are the MacGregor Provincial Park, Pinery Provincial Park, Algonquin Provincial Park, Campers Cove, and Grundy Lake Provincial Park, all located in Ontario.

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