Rental Rates

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  • All motorhomes receive 100 miles/day free.
  • Mileage to be estimated for round trip and paid before leaving and adjusted when unit is returned.
  • No mileage fees on ANY TOWABLE product.
  • Additional miles are figured as shown in the following example: A 10-day trip gets 1000 free miles, the next 1000 miles are billed at $.39/mile, the next 1000 billed at $.79 and the next 1000 at $1.25. Most rentals fall within the first (free) or second tier(.39).

$500 for all motorhomes and trailers to be charged immediately to make a reservation. Balance due to be paid 3 weeks before unit leaves. Renter must possess valid Driver’s license and Credit Card.

Rentals have a $1,500 Collision Damage Waiver, this reduces the renter’s liability from the full value of the RV.
Motorhomes & Trailers $24 per night

Motorhomes may be returned with less then a full tank of gasoline, refilled and billed to the renter at market rate only (Ex: $3.49/ gallon), and no penalty. All tanks start full.

$245 includes All EZ Pass Tolls, empty waste tanks upon return, fill propane, toilet chemicals, and exterior cleaning, all hitch parts for trailers, and car parking while using the RV. Return pre-paid cleaning fee $130.

$3 per hour if used or $36 per day for unlimited use.

Generator is only needed when vehicle is in motion or at a campsite without electricity for the following items: Rooftop A/C unit, microwave, and wall outlets.

We are pet friendly. Cost is $145 per trip.

Bike Rack $50/trip

Pots, pans, silverware and linens are not furnished, except when pre-purchasing our vacation or linen kits. The 115 piece Vacation Kit is new, out of the box, consisting of service for 4, pots/pans, knives, food storage containers, oven mitts, spatulas, coffee maker & much more. Cost is $225.

RV Vacation Kit

Linen Kits for each member of your group consists of Sheets, pillows, blankets, bath/hand towels, and more. Cost is $50 per person.

Park your car with us Free and Sunday drop off available


All Campers Sleep approx. 6 People

  • Cancellation Policy: 21 days OR more prior to pick up, down payments will be forfeited OR can be rolled over to a future reservation within 12 months.

    20 days OR less prior to pickup, forfeiture of total charges.

  • Proof: Renter must provide valid drivers license, proof of insurance and be at least 25 years old and hold a current valid MasterCard, Visa or Discover card.
  • Late Returns: Any late returns not preapproved are charged 2 FULL DAYS at daily rates.
  • All Trailers and Motorhomes are SMOKE FREE: Pre-approved towing and pets are permitted in certain RV’s and there is a fee for this. Any exception to this has a penalty of $250.

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