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84 RV Rentals & Service joined USA 5 Star September 1, 2009 and has maintained their status each consecutive year since.

One of our strictest principles is customer service satisfaction, and 84 RV continues to have high marks. “Thanks for a memorable vacation and easy rental experience,” says one customer. “They made my experience as easy as it could be,” says another, a self-proclaimed “RV newbie”. Reviews like these are not uncommon for 84 RV, which is why it isn’t difficult to continue to approve their customer service status. Since we only recognize dealers who are willing to go the extra mile for their customers– to make your RV experience, as noted, memorable and easy– it is impressive that 84 RV has easily maintained over our 95% customer satisfaction rating requirement.

84 RV Rentals & Service LogoThey have been in business for over 50 years, and exclusively focus on rentals. This allows their customers to receive full attention so that nothing is overlooked, which is evident in their reviews. They are also USA 5 Star quality because of their expanding inventory. They pride themselves in maintaining one of the newest RV fleets on the market, and add new rental units every year.

Another benefit 84 RV provides their customers is variety. If RVs aren’t what you’re looking for, they also carry travel trailers that are towable by cars or trucks that many of their customers already own. They supply rentals for many destinations and events.

Popular local destinations for 84 RV customers include: Niagara Falls, Acadia National Park, Lake George, WA, Washington D.C. and Hershey Park, PA. They are also seeing a growing trend, particularly in 2014, that many families are interested in vacations up to the 8,000 mile range, so distance doesn’t factor limits. Again, the variety 84 RV offers gives their customers the power to completely create the RV rental vacation they want.

There are also several annual events that customers especially prefer 84 RV units for, including: Dover and Pocono NASCAR races, the Garden State Horse Show, Penn State football tailgate parties, West Point graduation ceremonies and concerts at Hunter Mt, Montage Mt and Mt Bethel.

84 RV maintains their membership as a USA 5 Star certified dealer because of their commitment to doing business right. That is, their commitment to their customers, ability to expand, and pledge to up-front financial arrangements. It is with pleasure that we continue to acclaim their membership in the USA 5 Star RV Rental Network.

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