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Common Motorhome Rental Questions

Q: My husband and I are building a home on our new property and we want to rent an RV to give us somewhere to stay until our home is finished. How long can we rent the RV?
A: All of our RVs can be rented either short term or long term according to your needs.

Q: What different classes of motorhomes does 84 RV Rentals & Service offer?
A: Our motorhome rentals include Class A and Class C models.

Q: What is the security deposit for both your travel trailers and motorhomes?
A: A $1500 security deposit will be authorized just prior to the reservation start date.

Q: What types of features would a motor home have that other RVs may not have?
A: Motorhomes tend to be larger recreational vehicles, with more living space. There are also some other rental units that have the convenience of being fully self-contained with no hookup necessary, being completely battery and propane operated.

Q: Can I take my motorhome rental to a football game?
A: Yes, many of our customers rent a motorhome to go to all of their favorite team’s home games and tailgate in style. We also have many customers who use their rentals to make the most out of any event, such as NASCAR races, concerts and fairs.

Q: Do you deliver motorhome rentals to my campground or home?
A: Yes, we deliver rentals with a certain distance. Please contact us for more information on our delivery options so we can better serve your needs.