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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your rentals pet friendly?
Yes! We are pet friendly. The cost is $125 per trip.

Are your RV rentals just for vacationers?
The idea that renting an RV is only appropriate for vacation is a common misconception. People choose to rent RVs for a variety of reasons, including temporary housing and special events.

Is there a campground you’d recommend that is close to your rental location?
We would suggest our own Rayewood campground. Whether you want a RV rental in New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania camping experience, Rayewood would be a great choice. It is easily accessible to the tri-state area.

Where do I find out about RV rental rates? Do you get a New Jersey citizen discount?
NY, NJ, and Pennsylvania rates are all the same. However, the prices differ based on the make of the RV.

Do I need a special license to rent and/or drive an RV rental?
In order to rent and/or drive RV rentals, one must be 25 years of age or older and possess a valid driver’s license from their State of residence. No special class or permit is required.

Do you deliver RV rentals or camper rentals to your customers’ preferred location?
We do offer delivery options. Contact us with your specific delivery needs.

What if I return my RV rental or camper rental later than expected?
RV rentals that are more than 1 hour late will be charged one full day at the daily rental rate for the unit. More importantly, another family has scheduled their vacation with the RV in your possession and may not be able to begin their trip as planned. We strive to treat each renter with respect by having their RV rental ready for their reservation time.

How early can I reserve an RV rental, camper rental or travel trailer rental?
Typically, we take reservations no more than 18 months in advance. However, with a security deposit you may pay and reserve your rental up to 24 months in advance.

What is your cancellation policy?
Please see our Terms & Conditions.