6 Family-Friendly Camping Activities in the Outer Banks

July 8, 2024 | Connecticut

As you plan your trips for the rest of the year, consider taking an RV to the Outer Banks for a camping getaway. There are endless opportunities to enjoy fun experiences with the whole family, and 84 RV Rentals & Service can provide a motorhome rental or travel trailer rental for your trip. From the beautiful beaches to the diverse wildlife, we’ll explore six family-friendly activities that your family will never forget. 

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RVing Through Maine: 5 of the Best Spots in Vacationland

April 6, 2024 | Connecticut

Maine is full of natural beauty, which makes it the ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts who want to revel in scenic landscapes. Dubbed “vacationland” due to its popularity among travelers, Maine offers a rugged coastline dotted with lighthouses, picturesque lakes, and millions of acres of forest covering 90% of the state. 84 RV Rentals & Service has RV rentals to take you on the ultimate getaway. Let’s explore five destinations in Maine where you can take an RV and have an unforgettable experience.

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RV Camping with Dogs: 5 Essentials to Bring Along

January 8, 2024 | Connecticut

Camping in an RV can provide enough adventures for a lifetime of memories, but bringing your four-legged family member along can make the trip even more unforgettable. After all, the humans shouldn’t be the only ones having fun! Let 84 RV Rentals & Service provide an RV rental for the journey that best accommodates your needs, whether that’s a motorhome rental or travel trailer rental, and you can focus on planning your dog-friendly camping trip. We’ll share five essentials that you should include for your canine companion on your next excursion.

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Rent an RV to Visit a Haunted Campground This Fall

October 2, 2023 | Connecticut

It’s that time of the year when the crisp air and vibrant foliage create ideal conditions to enjoy some unique activities and traditions. If you want to capitalize on the invigorating ambiance of fall, a unique opportunity awaits you. Ghost tours are popular attractions that attract tourists to historical sites with a haunted past, but what about a stay at a haunted campground? Let 84 RV Rentals & Service help you combine a fun weekend getaway with a spooky adrenaline rush to one of these haunted campgrounds.

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Are All RV Campgrounds Crowded?

July 1, 2023 | Connecticut

After the last few years, we’ve probably all grown accustomed to avoiding crowds. After all, we spent about two years doing that for our health. If you’ve decided to rent an RV from 84 RV Rentals & Service and take your family on a camping trip this summer, your first inclination might be to find a campground that isn’t too crowded. Let’s go over some ways to find a campground that’s less crowded than others and why we believe that a crowded campground isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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3 Spring Break Destinations to Visit with Your Family in an RV

January 21, 2023 | Connecticut

Have you planned your spring break trip yet? Whether you are still finalizing some family trip ideas or you recently decided to plan a trip last minute, you should consider renting an RV for your journey. 84 RV Rentals & Service has been family-owned for more than 60 years, offering the selection and discounts of a large dealership, along with the time and attention of a smaller business. Let us provide an RV rental for your family to experience a spring break getaway to one of these three destinations. 

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Try This Trip: Disney, Savannah, and South Carolina

February 14, 2019 | Connecticut

For airfare and hotels, it could cost you $7276 to visit South Florida and Disney for 11 nights. Or you could take an RV adventure, making exciting stops at landmarks, and experience The Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort.The cool thing about RVing is you can customize your schedule. Prefer national parks? Great! Want to see Dollywood? Make it happen. Choose between Presidential libraries, Major League ballparks, or anything else that piques your interest. Here is just one sample itinerary…Day 12pm – Meet us at Rayewood RV in Sussex, NJ. We give you a demonstration on how to use the RV. When that’s done, you can leave your car at our office (free!) and begin your vacation.You’re on your way. You want to make some progress on your trip before calling it a night, so your goal is to find a campground near Washington, DC. Good Sam has a search engine/ratings site … Continued

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Try This Trip: Acadia, Katterskill Falls, Mount Desert Island Ice Cream

February 2, 2019 | Connecticut

Here’s a sample Acadia National Park road trip that combines hiking, waterfalls, and ice cream.Day 1:2pm – Meet us at Rayewood RV in Sussex, NJ. We give you a demonstration on how to use the RV. When that’s done, you can leave your car at our office (free!) and begin your vacation.You probably want to make some progress on your trip before calling it a night, so your goal is to find a campground in the Catskills. Consider North-South Lake Campground in Haines Falls, NY.Day 2:Use today to enjoy some of the activities near the campground: rent a kayak, hike Katterskill Falls, visit Alligator Rock, or just read and dine around your campsite.Day 3:After breakfast, enjoy the eight hour drive to Acadia National Park. If you make good time, you might enjoy one of the signature sunsets at Bar Harbor/Woodlands KOA campground.Day 4:A great way to see the interior of … Continued

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